Today YouTube announced that their new YouTube Live Beta platform is now live. The link is YouTube aims to utilize the url to stream live events. This will allow YouTubers to subscribe to special partners who have been approved to stream live content.

In addition to the launch of YouTube Live Beta, the company also introduced some significant updates to its mobile app. Users will now be able to watch vertical videos in full screen mode without the annoying black bars on the sides. YouTube also added a new feature called “Dark Mode” for iOS devices, which switches the app’s background to a dark color scheme, making it easier on the eyes during low-light situations.

Furthermore, YouTube introduced a new tool called “Super Chat,” which allows creators to monetize their live streams by enabling fans to purchase highlighted messages during the live chat. The messages appear in bright colors and stay pinned to the top of the chat window for up to five hours.

These updates demonstrate YouTube’s commitment to keeping up with the changing landscape of digital video and providing its users with new ways to create and consume content.

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