Apparently this has been kept under NDA due to the Motorola Xoom being the next big thing for the tablet industry. The Tablet dock was in the early stages of development, so things could change before release. It was rumored that this protype dock may have been present at MWC in Barcelona.

The way it seemed to work was that the Atrix 4G, or Bionic, was docked inside the bezel of the tablet. Also, it has been rumored that the tablet my also work with the Droid Bionic. Try to visualize a slide in and out type of setup. Logically the micro usb and mini hdmi ports are inside the dock. Physically, It was described as being “thicker than the Motorola Xoom.” Just to give you an idea. The Motorola Xoom measures at 12.9mm thick. The laptop dock itself is about 13.9mm in thickness.

This tablet dock wouldn’t be a completely new concept. For example, The laptop dock has no memory, processor nor storage onboard. It is essentially a shell that looks like a thin, light laptop, and contains a laptop screen, keyboard, battery, oversized trackpad and ports. There is a dock behind the laptop display that cradles the phone. Once the Atrix 4G is docked, the “laptop” provides easy interaction with the phone, which becomes the laptop processor, memory and storage.

If this dock holds to be real. Essentially we may be looking at a Motorola Xoom with Atrix/Bionic dockability. Just a reminder, AT&T is expected to get Motorola Honeycomb tablet this summer. Hmmmm…

Cost and release is unknown. I personally think Motorola has struck gold here.

As usual, take with a shot of tequila until Motorola confirms. Don’t forget the Lime.

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