I always have a hard time reporting unsubstantiated information but when it comes from a source close to my chest.  I can’t help it.  Rumors about the next Nexus phone being made by Samsung and launching on Verizon are nothing new.

With that said, when I heard the specs of this new Samsung super-phone, I immediately assumed it was the Nexus Prime.

I was right…

According to my tipster, the unnamed Samsung super-phone has been in Verizon’s hands for over 6 months for testing. The design of the phone is very similar to the Nexus S but with a twist.  The screen size could be slightly larger than the 4″ screen of the Nexus S.  Possibly 4.3.  The phone doesn’t have any navigational soft keys; which indicates that it could launch with the newest version of Android aka Ice Cream Sandwich.  It will also run a dual-core TI processor.  Details about the clockspeeds are still unknown.  Hopefully 1.2-1.4Ghz.  From a marketing standpoint, it could be branded as the Droid Nexus.

The only physical buttons are the power and volume buttons.  The test devices in hand ran Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) but will definetly launch with Ice Cream Sandwich.  Other details about the Samsung super-phone include a LED notification light; however, rear and front camera specs are still murky.  Possible 2MP front and 8MP rear.  Rumors in the past have mentioned at 5MP camera with an enhanced sensor.  We will just have to wait for official confirmation on that one.

Now, to the goods, when can we expect to see this phone?  According to my source, it will be available in the November/December timeframe.  Since Verizon decided not to pick up the Galaxy S II, could this be their Samsung savior?  The specs of this phone are awefully similar to the Samsung Celox that we saw in Korea a month ago.  I think there is a good chance this is why they decided to not pick up the GSII.

Do what you want with this info guys.  Take it with a grain of salt and shot of tequila.  Whatever you do, don’t kill the messenger.

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