Bloomberg is reporting that Sprint is looking to purchase any outstanding shares with Clearwire.  Sprint’s plan is to be able to build out its LTE network faster.  Also in the pipeline, Sprint could be pursuing investments from cable companies like Comcast.  Using these investments, Sprint will have the funds to buy out Clearwire completely.

Sprint is currently in a downward spiral and is losing money each quarter.  That hasn’t stopped them from investing around $600 million to upgrade their network in order to stay in competition with AT&T-Mobile and VerizonSprint has made it known that they are against AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile and they are not giving up without a fight.

Cable companies like Comcast are believed to be interested in Sprint’s en-devours for personal reasons as well.  After all, AT&T and Verizon are not just wireless companies.  They also provide landline, wireless, internet and pay-television.

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