I finally received my package from Bodyguardz yesterday and I couldn’t waste any time to install it. I’ve been waiting for these to ship since their announcement at this year’s CTIA Wireless in Orlando, FL.

Bodyguardz is a company that creates skins for devices of many shapes and sizes; I chose to cover my HTC Thunderbolt. They also have some great Motorola Xoom and iPad 2 offerings. I will be purchasing the Xoom cover ASAP =D, expect a review coming soon. If you have ever heard of InvisibleSHIELD, then you pretty much have an idea of what this product is used for.

The Bodyguardz skins are very very durable ultra thin film. Each skin is custom designed and cut for each device. You also get a durable screen protector included. Unlike InvisibleSHIELD, you don’t need any soap or tools to apply the skin. Bodygaurdz uses a “Dry Apply” method.

Personally, this is why I won’t ever buy any other skin. Another reason is that the Bodyquardz skin are so forgiving. You can take of and reapply about 30x before any elasticity is lost. So don’t be scared that you are going to waste your money. You get more than 9 lives with these.

The Carbon Fiber skins start at $19.95 and the clear skins start at $24.95. It all depends on which device you purchase it for. Just like most products you have a 30 day money back guarantee, also you get Lifetime replacements. This is perfect for just incase you have to get your phone replaced or for some reason the skin gets messed up. All you have to do is mail your trashed one in and get your replacement. All for $Free.99

Do I recommend this? Hell Yes!

I will even put you guys on to a 10% off coupon code

Coupon Code: Guard

Check out the gallery below of how beautiful my phone looks. I can’t wait to get one of these on my Xoom.

Bodyguardz is a company that specializes in creating durable skins for a wide variety of devices. The skins are made from ultra-thin film that is custom designed and cut for each device. The company also includes a durable screen protector with each skin. The skins use a “Dry Apply” method, which means that no soap or tools are needed to apply them.

One of the standout features of Bodyguardz skins is their forgiving nature. The skins can be taken off and reapplied up to 30 times before any elasticity is lost. This means that you can make sure you get the perfect fit without wasting any money.

Bodyguardz offers both carbon fiber and clear skins, with prices starting at $19.95. The price varies depending on the device you are purchasing the skin for. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime replacements, which means that if your skin gets damaged, you can mail it in and get a replacement for free.

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