World Of Warcraft Cataclysm: Should I Return?

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Over the past maybe 3-4 years, I’ve been back and forth to this game more then Michael Jordan to the NBA. Horrible, HORRIBLE comparison, but you get the idea.

Anywho, I started what most know as a Death Knight and enjoyed it up until about two months ago. I found myself, now 80, sitting in Dalaran with my few pieces of garbage raid gear waiting in heroic queues like barber shop lines. Another bad ocomparison. I started thinking to myself, I am spending more waiting on heroic queues then actually playing the game. I couldn’t get into any raids because most of the guilds in that game didn’t have players old enough to have a driver license. Or shall I say, that’s how they seemed.

So I got into PVP. Now that is where the fun REALLY started. Grinding all that honor and picking up my relentless bonus set, and wrathful accessories were “oh so sweet”. Then getting into arenas to even further feed my ass beating craving, made the experiene ever worth wild.

This is were things got a little stale with me. The season ended? Where did that leave me? Sitting and waiting on queues again with no arena progression because the season was over.

With the recent changes in patch 4.0.3, I’m really starting to get excited with the new arena season around the corner. Maybe its time for me to bring that DK back out and tear through the hearts of the alliance. Will it all be worth the time again? I’m not sure. I know one thing, it will be well into launch before I get my hands back on a piece of the action.

Comment below and lets get the troll train rolling.

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  1. yo its fun now. all the new 1-60 quest are actually fun and the new class combos make it even better. bg will be more popular with the new emphasis on them

    • I hope so. Its going to be awhile before I get it though.

  2. you gotta see what we are naming our worgens

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