Why Use JavaScript in Website Development?

JavaScript, also known as Jscript, is a scripting language that conforms to the ECMAScript specifications. JavaScript is multi-browser, high-level, and object oriented. It includes several bindings for different languages including HTML, XML, and PHP. It also has extensive support for client-side scripting and data-binding. It provides a rich toolbox of features for developing rich internet applications (RIAs).

JavaScript can be used in conjunction with HTML to provide a model-view-model (MVP) approach to developing rich web applications. Here, instead of a view being an abstract object in an HTML page, it becomes an object in the javascript code. This feature is known as “deferring”. Deferring enables one to create a delayed rendering of a page, which can be used for things like creating drop-down menus, filtering data in tables, and creating forms.

Apart from web pages, javascript frameworks are also becoming popular for creating user interfaces for mobile apps. One of the biggest advantages of using javascript for developing mobile apps is the use of canvas-based graphics. Though not much is known about how these new web design techniques work, it is obvious that they will soon replace Flash. Though there are other technologies that are slowly making their way into the android app development world, many professionals feel that Java based apps will take a long time to mature.

Though there are numerous advantages of using javascript compared to other programming languages, it is evident that javascript does have its disadvantages too. JavaScript’s Achilles’ heel is the fact that it is not cross platform. This means that mobile devices won’t be able to run javascript on their default browser. Since most people have already switched to mobiles, this may turn out to be a major setback for javascript developers.

Another problem with javascript is that it is currently only supported by desktop computers. Though this is slowly changing, there are still a few differences between the desktop and the laptop. Browser makers like Microsoft are working hard to ensure that various web browsers can use javascript. If you are planning to use javascript in your website, for instance, you may want to check out if there are compatibility issues first.

Overall, it can be said that there are some definite advantages of using javascript over other popular scripting languages like HTML or ASP. Though there are some limitations as well, such as the inability to use inline scripts, it is evident that there are a number of compelling reasons why it is worth using. Though there are several different javascript frameworks available, MyScript is probably the most impressive. This javascript library provides a comprehensive range of features, which can be used to create amazing websites. Apart from the features mentioned above, it also provides support for many of the common javascript frameworks that can be used to create unique websites.

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