What is iCloud Exactly?

Today at WWDC, Apple finally announced the highly rumored and anticipated iCloud service. Previously, iCloud was a former service called MobileMeMobileMe was a service that Apple had which allowed users to sync their email, contacts, calendar, & photos on a server and retrieve them from the web or any iDevice.

Think of iCloud for exactly what it is.  It’s your hard drive in the sky.  iCloud manages all your content for you.  All your devices: iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac and PC will be automatically synced and matched so that you don’t have to worry not having a song or contact with you.  The service is free and you get a complimentary 5GB of space to use on your iCloud.  The best part is that your application data is stored so that you don’t lose it when you have to restore your iDevice.

With the complimentary 5GB, your purchased music, apps, photos and books don’t count against your free storage. This means that your mail, documents, Camera Roll, account information, settings, and other app data is the only think accounted for.  Pretty Cool right?



June 06 / 2011

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