[Video] Uncharted 3 Beta in June

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Uncharted 2 was a phenomenal game plus it introduced multiplayer online play (I am actually playing it now). So you ask what else Naughty Dog can do to make this series better. Well we have that answered for you right here.

First off the Beta will be available on June 28th for gamers who are Playstation Plus Subscribers and people who buy InFamous 2. When you come back from vacation on July 5th the beta will be available to all Playstation gamers. Uncharted 3 is a Playstation exclusive and is set to be released on November 1st.

Now some of the new features

  • Triple Threat Deathmatch: Three teams of 2 team up to outscore each other
  • Customizable Character: You can now custom your Drake and also your weapon so you can be unique.
  • Overtime Deathmatches: Close matches will go into a Overtime period
  • Power Plays: Yay!!!!! Blowout games no more. Bonuses to allow the losing team to catch up
  • Facebook: Enough said. You will be able to play games with your Facebook friends
  • And much more coming…

This game is going to be epic I may not buy Call of Duty or Battlefield 3 in November. However we are not going to leave you dry we have some of the multiplayer footage below. Enjoy.



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