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The HTC Thunderbolt is currently Verizon’s flagship device. Featuring a mammoth 4.3 inch screen and support for Verizon’s brand new 4G LTE network. The data speed and snappiness of this phone is astounding. The speed doesn’t come without a drawback. Battery Life.

One of the biggest complaints of these “do-all” devices, especially 4G capable ones, is that the battery life is usually inadequate for power users. After two days with the standard 1400Mah battery, I was left unsatisfied. After all, when you get a new phone, you can hardly put it down.

Whenever I purchase a new gadget. The first thing I do is train the battery. The best way to train your battery is to completely charge and discharge about 5-7 times (full week). When I had the Nexus One, HTC has already advised me that they train their batteries before shipping. However, I feel more comfortable when I do it.

On the standard 1400Mah battery I got about 6-7 hours in a 3G network location. In Atlanta’s LTE network, I was only getting about 3 Hours.

What about the Extended Battery? It has 2750Mah. You would expect nearly double the life right? That all depends on one thing. LTE. I am a witness to the complaints about LTE being a battery hog. In a 3G area I was able to crank out over 17 hours on one charge. The crazy thing is that it will only get better with time. In an LTE area I was able to only use my phone for just under 9 hours.

These results will vary. Like I said before, It is a new phone. Once the new wears off I am sure I could see some battery life close to two days. Sometimes I picked up my phone and played with it just because the thing is so beautiful. However, I don’t expect the new to wear off anytime soon. =P

I will be doing an extensive review of the Thunderbolt in the next week or so. Check out the video below for more information.

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