AT&T vs Verizon 3G/4G(LTE) Data Speed Comparison

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Published on March 28, 2022 with No Comments

I recently made the switch to Verizon from AT&T to take advantage of Verizon’s currently Unlimited LTE data plan. Before I disconnected the AT&T line, I figured some of you may want to know what the data speeds looked like in an LTE/HSDPA+ capable network.

Right now, AT&T is currently utilizing a form of 4G called HSDPA+. They plan to build out the HSDPA+ network until they launch LTE (Same as Verizon) in the summer. In the long run, especially with a pending T-Mobile acquisition, AT&T has the potential to have a very competitive network with Verizon. Think of it this way. Verizon’s LTE is only in major cities. If you step out into a rural area with only 3G, the data speeds are not that great. However AT&T plans to have LTE in major cites, and then HSDPA+ in rural areas. In the end, you will see fast speeds just about everywhere you are.

Enough of that. I could go all day. First impressions of Verizon’s LTE network is just WOW. When I say websites were fast. I mean instant. Web pages with multiple images loaded faster than I could image. The speeds were face melting. Let me stop, I’m spoling the reason for the post. Let’s get to the video.

*AT&T has HSUPA+ disabled on the Atrix 4G and Inspire 4G. That is why you will see low Upload speeds. They plan to release an update sometime in April that will correct it.

* inaccurately measures Upload via the ANdroid app. They will be releasing an update to correct later.


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