Verizon to Add 21 New LTE Markets on October 21

Written by Matthew   //

September 20, 2022   //



Verizon has just announcted that 21 more cities will receive their 4G LTE service on October 21.  The complete list isn’t available at the moment but, Verizon has given us a peek as to which cities will get it.  Sioux City, Iowa, along with Bloomington, Bedford, Evansville,Terre Haute in Indiana, Modesto and Stockton in California have been identified as getting 4G LTE

At the same time, Verizon will expand the existing network in Fort Myers, Florida.

On September 15, Verizon brought LTE to 26 new markets.  The 700MHz network’s actual speeds should range between 5Mbps and 12Mbps for downloads and between 2Mbps and 5Mbps for uploads.




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