Verizon iPhone Slowing “Droid” Shipments

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While this doesn’t surprise me, the honesty from Motorola’s chief, Sanjay Jha, does. Today, during the company’s fiscal results, He acknowledged that the Verizon iPhone has already begun its damage to the Droid smartphone’s sales. In preparation for the new iPhone, Verizon slowed down on orders from Motorola. This was even weeks before it was announced. The exact numbers are unknown. However Sanjay Jha did admit that the anticipation of the iPhone had led some to hold off on buying a “Droid.” Jha went on to explain that Motorola and Verizon still have a “meaning full relationship” Awe isn’t that sweet.

In the meantime Motorola isn’t wasting their time with Verizon. The Atrix 4G is by far Moto’s pride and glory. AT&T will be carrying the device late next month and “only time will tell” if Android and Apple can co-exist on a carrier.

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