Veebeam HD review

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Veebeam HD Review

Over the past few years I have been on a mission to cut down on the number of cords that are strewn about my house.  I rent, so I have a rather limited number of options when it comes to hiding the cords.  Veebeam allows me to cut (most) of the cords out of the equation.  I can now easily connect my laptop and desktop to my TV without having to reach behind the TV or stereo to find the open HDMI port.  I only had to go through the hassle one time.  By utilizing Wireless USB (otherwise known as UWB or Ultra-WideBand technology) Veebeam has made it possible to stream HD content from pretty much anywhere in your room.  The set up takes absolutely no time at all.  There are only three steps (Four steps if you count downloading the veebeam control center).

Step one:  Plug the Veebeam into your TV

Step two: Plug the USB antenna into your laptop

Step three: Watch TV.  It really is that simple.

There are any number of different streaming boxes out on the market these days.  Instead of adding an additional operating system or embedded player, Veebeam cannot suffer the same fate as Google TV or the Sony PS3 which have struggled to be able to stream either the networks or Netflix streams easily. Many of the big networks have famously blocked Google TV from accessing their online streams due to supposed concern of piracy by consumers.  Veebeam cannot be blocked by content providers as they are never acting as an intermediary, instead the Veebeam “screencasts” the picture to the TV, or there is the “Play to mode” which in effect turns your TV into a second monitor allowing you to use your laptop screen as your main screen and your TV as the media consumption device.

The Veebeam does not take up much room at all, and could fairly easily be hidden out of site, but unlike many Home Theater devices there really is no need.  The Veebeam fits nicely with the rest of my non-electronic decor and I actually kind of like showing it off.  It is such a nice design and acts as a good conversation starter because people do not know what to think of it when they first see the Veebeam.  I was very pleased with the packaging that it shipped in – the box had absolutely no extra material, only what was necessary.  There was very little plastic, no styrofoam filler, and each piece of the system fit tightly.

Veebeam works with PC and Mac, I have not had an opportunity to test it on a Mac. Testing on three different PCs and two TV’s I ran into absolutely no problems.  There is only one problem that I notice with the Veebeam and that is if your computer is between you and the TV you will see that the picture actually shows up first on your laptop and then is cast onto the TV.  The audio remained synced to the TV at all times, but it was disconcerting seeing the video on the screen first.  This is easily remedied by either placing the laptop behind you or changing your settings so that your computer does not turn off when you close the lid.

I was very happy with the Veebeam HD.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to limit the cords or simplify their Home Theater set up.  With the ease of use and low price $139.00 with free shipping at Amazon, you really can’t go wrong.


Video/Audio?USB Ouput:
Digital Audio/TOSLink
Two (2) USB Ports
Screen/Input Resolution
1280 x 1024 - Desktop
1280 x 1024 - Photo, Video
Max Output Resolution
480i - NTSC/PAL
1080p - HDMI
A/V Containers
If you can play it on your PC, you can play it on Veebeam
Capable of supporting: AVI, MKV (Matroska), MOV/M4V (Quicktime), MP4, ASF/WMV (Microsoft), MPG (MPEG-2 PS/TS), Flash, AVCHD
Vdeo Decoders
If you can play it on your PC, you can play it on Veebeam.
Capable of supporting: H.264/AVC, MPEG4 (part 2)/Xvid, WMV (VC-1), MPEG-2 , VP6/7/8, Theora
Audio Decoders
MP3 (MPEG1 Layer 3), AAC, AAC+, Dolby Digital/AC-3 (downmix), LPCM (AIFF, WAV), WMA, DTS (downmix), FLAC
Photo Formats
Screencast | JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF
110-120VAC (60Hz) or 220-240VAC (50Hz) 10W at 12VDC (20W max)
Ultra-Wideband @>150Mbps constant rate
Systems Requirements

2.2 GHz or greater Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel i3, i5, and i7
2 MB cache memory
Mac OS X (10.5, 10.6), Windows 7 and Windows Vista
Protocols Used
DLNA, UPnP, and Wireless USB Compatible
120mm x 120 mm x 80mm




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Veebeam HD

Wireless Streaming

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