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I don’t know about you guys but I love twitter. It’s like an RSS feed on crack. Everything you need to know is aggregated into one location. With that being said sometimes your timeline can get crowded with …um crap. Let’s be honest, we all follow people back because that is what twitter is about. Sometimes we don’t necessarily follow people of interest. Everyone remembers when twitter started their list feature right? That was probably their coolest feature to date (not really a fan of the new Now with lists you can categorize the people you follow and get to your information quicker. Check out the Rest After the break 

As the website twitter got more and more advanced. Some mobile and desktop applications failed to keep up. One of my favorite desktop applications is Tweetdeck. I was amazed at how organized and easy to read my information was. I wish I could say the same for the iPad application :/. Tweedeck released a beta for Android sometime ago which left me even more disappointed. So much that I considered using hootsuite on my desktop rather than Tweetdeck. I don’t know about you, but I like for my stuff to match. Using tweetdeck on my computer and Torituer on my Android was working for me.

Tweetdeck allows you to access all your social media in one location. All of your accounts are synced with your Tweetdeck account. This simplifies the login process greatly. After logging in, I had access to my Facebook, Both Twitter Accounts, and my Foursquare account. It would be nice it they could get Gowalla in there too. Just like the Tweetdeck desktop application, each of your accounts are combined and then separated into separate lists. For example, you will have a list that shows any new information from all accounts and a list that shows any @replys or facebook comments. With Foursquare now being integrated, any tweets that are linked to the 4sq website are separated and shown to you on a map. It is a pretty cool site to zoom out and see where everyone is at. I think I had a friend somewhere in Europe, not sure who that was. Nevertheless Tweetdeck for the time being has replaced Torituer. Torituer was good to me for sometime but I never liked its organization very well.

Tweetdeck is NOT the perfect twitter application. I am sure everyone will find something they do not like about it. One of my first pet peeves is that unlike the desktop application, you cannot reorder your columns…Seriously Tweetdeck, that is muy importante. Also you cannot set your default twitter account and it doesn’t understand which account to reply from. Let me explain. Lets say someone sends me a tweet on my @GadgetU_matt account. Because @PushFTW was the first account I added, it automatically defaults and replies to the person as @PushFTW. It can get pretty darn annoying when you reply to someone from a twitter account they know nothing about. Tweetdeck has always been great about updating and fixing bugs. I am sure I am not the only one out there that will find these problems mad annoying.

If using multiple twitter accounts is your thing, I recommend waiting until they fix this issue. Other than that. I honestly don’t think there is a better twitter client out there. It definetly is the easiest when it comes to functionality.


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