This is Why the Motorola Atrix Owns

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Product differentiation is the process of distinguishing a product or offering from others, to make it more attractive to a particular target market. That is why Motorola will be selling a lot of these phones. One reason, the accessory docks. When a company can bring something new to the table, they can ultimately create something no one else can compete with.

The Atrix is the worlds first dual core phone. Running a Tegra 2 processor with two cores clocked at 1.0 Ghz. By itself this phone is basically a 4 inch laptop. To make things better, Motorola will be releasing an actual laptop docking station to hold your Atrix. Why would you need that? Imagine this. How many times have you sat near a computer and done things you can do on your phone? Or vice versa? With this dock you can place your phone inside and before you know it you have an full featured laptop. Mozilla firefox, document creation, Facebook, printing. etc. All running from your phone!

The laptop dock is rumored to run you about $150 and the Motorola Atrix may come out at a reasonable $199-$250 with a two year contract. Expect the Atrix to hit stores around the end of February on AT&T networks. In the meantime. check out the video below

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