The X-9 Nighthawk Bicycle

Everyone now and then I find something on the internet that I geek out too. This time its a bicycle. I haven’t owned a bike since I was a child so and haven’t had a desire to own one until now. Not only does the design scream minimalism and class. It looks like a stealth fighter jet. Read more after the jump  

The X-9 Nighthawk was just revealed in Berliner Fahrradshau in Berlin on March 2012. The X-9 has a frame made out water cut honeycombed panels which are then laminated over by carbon fiber. The handlebars with the stem were made out of carbon fiber, and the carbon fork was shaped to fit the frame design. The final product is what you see in the gallery below. Worried about someone stealing your super cool bike? Don’t worry it comes equipped with an infiniti3D bicycle component security system developed by Atomic22




May 01 / 2012

Tech Culture
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