The Nexus S is Real

Rumor after Rumor, Hear say and fictious specs. Whatever you may have heard may not be true, but you can count on this. The phone is real. Androidandme reported that Samsung is working on Google Experience device to succeed the Nexus One as the next developer benchmark phone. With that said, since then nobody could get official confirmation of it’s existense until now. Actually noone could confirm the actual name of the device. It was expected that the Samsung device would launch today along with the Android Gingerbread SDK. Due to hardware issues the device was delayed, however someone on the Best Buy web team still added the preorder link.

As much as I don’t want to believe this, I remember hearing that Google Inked a distribution deal with Carphone Warehouse. If you didn’t know, Carphone Warehouse’s American counterpart is Best Buy. It would only make sense for it to be exclusively sold there. After the mediocre success of the Nexus one, Google appears to be correcting their assumption that people would buy a phone without being able to play with it first.

Via Phandroid

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