The New iPad 2 Accessories from Apple


Apple always brings brand new accessories with every new generation of their products. The new iPad has some pretty cool accessories for you to get with your new iPad 2. All products are listed as coming soon, so thats a bummer

Smart Covers are designed explicitly for the iPad and are designed to protect the front while adding new features: they have magnetically aligned covers that not only attach quickly but will wake or sleep the device when they’re taken off or put back on.

Users have the choice of either a polyurethane case, much like the same material as with the first model, or a new, Italian aniline leather material. Each is available in five different colors and will cost $39 for polyurethane versions or $69 for leather.

Digital AV Adapter. The connector gives iOS devices true HDMI output and will show video at up to 1080p. The adapter is rare in the industry in having two plugs that will let users charge the iPad or use accessories even while it plays to a TV Unlike some adapters for Android, it doesn’t require special setup to work and mirrors the screen regardless of the orientation or the currently running app.

The adapter will also work with the original iPad, the iPhone 4 and the fourth-generation iPod touch and should cost $39.

There is also a brand new dock that has audio line-out and will work with other accessories, such as the Digital AV Adapter and the Camera Connection Kit.

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