The Nest Thermostat


It’s not to often that I find a thermostat that I can honestly call cool.  I know, that was cheesy.  Nest has created a re-imagined thermostat that can add that final touch of style and geek to your home.

The features are out of this world, and they should be, for the low price of $249.  It features a brushed metal ring that has a somewhat chameleon design because it reflects the wall color to accent the environment.  Just like most digital thermostats, it can be programmed.  This time, the Nest Thermostat can actually program itself.  Basically, it remembers your temperature adjustments and programs itself to create a custom schedule.  Of course, if you don’t want it to grow legs and take over the world, you can always create some manual programming which is a based on a 7-day schedule with more than 20 set points per day.

The main goal of this thermostat, is to help you monitor your energy usage better.  It features a wide array of information that let’s you know when you are wasting energy

One of my favorite features of the thermostat, is the ability to adjust it remotely via the internet.  It has built in wifi that will work on 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz wireless networks.  It’s available at Best Buy now.  Check out the link below.


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