The Mobile Industry: Things Don’t Change, We Are Just Fools

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Published on November 30, 2022 with No Comments

I’ve noticed that tech heads have all been fooled. Why do we all keep buying Android devices when the hardware keeps getting better, and its doing nothing to the software? Whats the difference in how Angry Birds runs on the Nexus One vs The most high-end Android device out there? There are none.

With that being said, if my Dell Streak can use every piece of software in the Marketplace to its fullest, why do I need to spend money on a Tegra 2 device that is going to run the same exact software. Yea, it may run a little faster, but can we tell? I mean really?

I refuse to spend any more money for higher quadrants until their is software released that can really push the device I have. Thats my rant!

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