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  • Wii Price Drop Coming

    Word came out in late April that the Nintendo Wii could possibly be receiving a price drop. Since that rumor begin to surface a lot of retailers begin to slash the prices of the consoles to 169.99. 1Up posted today that at some point this month Nintendo will be dropping the price of the Wii […]

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    Need For Speed: The Run

    EA’s Need For Speed franchise are one of the most consistent and popular franchise’s out. Below is a debut trailer of the newest edition to the family Need for Speed: The Run which is set for a November 15, 2022 release day. The Run is a high stakes across the country race and the only […]

  • EVOtainment Shows Innovation Is Still In It’s Prime

    I’m am not a fan of the Wii, but this is nuts. A man by the name of Jack Malone has improvised in a way not feasible by anything less then a super genius. First, let’s start off with a HTC Evo and a GPS dock. Your phone fits snug in this Dock. Nothing out […]

  • Mario Sports Mix Out Today

    Nintendo announced its release date for the much anticipated Mario Sports Mix which is set to be released on February 7th 2011. Mario Sports Mix is a compilation of sports games where you can you the characters from the Mario universe. You will also be able to use select characters from Dragon and Final Fantasy […]

  • Angry Birds Coming to Nintendo

    The popular series is already on a number of platforms but Rovio announced via Twitter that they will be launching on Nintendo 3DS and Wii. They didn’t give much info but who could with only 160 characters, but they did see it will be available on Nintendo platforms later on this year. Also check out […]

  • Kirby Returning to Nintendo Wii

    The Nintendo CEO revealed that a new untitled Kirby gamer is under production right now. The old school GameBoy classic is due out later on this year. This was actually one of my favorites to play back when I had my GameBoy so hopefully Nintendo builds it the same way as the older version. Source: […]

  • Netflix Drops Disc Option

    Netflix offers an option (add to DVD queue) on all the streaming devices that allows users to put DVD in there queue. Jamie Odell director of product management at Netflix confirmed that with an update that they will be dropping this option from streaming devices. For example BluRay players, PS3, and Xbox 360. He also […]

  • WWE All Stars Cover Art

    THQ revealed the cover for the WWE All Stars game. You can take a couple things away from the cover like even though Hulk Hogan works for TNA he will still be included in this game and also the new THQ symbol doesn’t look all that bad. Also Macho Man Randy Savage will be a […]

  • TopSpin 4 Pre-Order Infomation

    Tennis fans and gamers who pre-order TopSpin 4 will receive a code that will allow them to play with vintage Andre Agassi. This marks the first time in a decade that Andre Agassi will be featured in a sports game. TopSpin 4 will be released March 15th for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii consoles. This […]

  • Jerry Rice & Nitus Dog Football

    Most families enjoy being in the backyard with their dog playing a game of fetch. All dogs have a favorite toy that they enjoy playing with. Most families also enjoy Saturday and Sunday afternoons watching college and NFL football. Have you ever thought about bringing the two worlds together? Well don’t imagine anymore, Judo Baby […]