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Motorola Announces the Return of the RAZR, Still Thin But Smarter

Motorola finally announces the return of one of the best selling phones of all time. The original RAZR was a simple flip feature-phone that ended

October 18, 2022
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Droid Bionic Review

The Droid Bionic is Verizon’s newest 4G LTE phone.  It runs on a TI 1GHz dual core CPU with 1GB RAM and a 4.3″ QHD

September 11, 2022
Mobile, Review


Droid Bionic Photo Gallery

Until I am ready to review the Droid Bionic.  I wanted to post a couple shots of the phone’s hardware.  The Bionic is Verizon’s top-shelf

September 09, 2022


Droid Bionic Unboxing

Matthew unboxes the rumor magnet, dual core, 4g LTE toting, machine to rule all machines.  Sounds like a Michael Buffer introduction right?  It also comes

September 09, 2022


Another Droid Bionic Leak…Sike..It’s Official!

Finally, and I mean Finally, the ROCK has come back…  Sorry.  Finally, Verizon has officially announced the availability of the Motorola Droid Bionic.  I guess

September 07, 2022
Mobile, Tech News