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  • Playstation Store Back on May 24?

    According to a memo that was sent out to Sony’s development and publishing partners the Playstation Store should be back up on May 24th. The memo was from content manager Jack Osorno. It stated assuming that nothing else disastrous happens, the PlayStation Store will be back online on Tuesday May 24. There is still no date for the […]

  • Sony Welcome Back Details

    All Playstation and PSP owners were blessed with the restoration of the Playstation Network on Saturday night. Today, Sony released the details of the Welcome Back program that they promised gamers for the missed time online. The program will begin shortly after Sony has fully restored the Network. All PlayStation Network customers can select two […]

  • Final Fantasy V Coming

    Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy V remake will be arriving on Playstation 3 and PSP. However it was only announced for a European release but a North American release is highly likely. Final Fantasy is a really big classic so Playstation Network should see a lot of traffic on the release day of […]

  • PSP Price Drop

    Sony announced a price drop for the original PSP will be coming Sunday February 27th. The new price for the PSP will be 129.99. Sony also announced that they will be adding new favorites and greatest hits games: New PSP Favorites Titles ($9.99 MSRP) Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (Square-Enix) Daxter (SCEA) Monster Hunter Freedom […]

  • Angry Birds for Sony

    Angry Birds is now available for Playstation and PSP owners as a Playstation mini’s title. Angry Birds for Playstation will be similar to what is already available for the iPhone and Android devices. There are 63 available levels to master. Angry Birds has turned into a worldwide phenomenon everyone from Superstars to Politicians is playing […]

  • PSP Phone Leaked [Video]

    The PSP Phone makes another appearance on the web today. This time its a video of an actual hands on. Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread appears to be running on the device. Check out the PSP Phone and all its glory after the break.

  • Playstation Network Down

    You may have already found out while trying to log on to PSN this morning but Playstation Network is down for PS3 an PSP for maintenance. The network will be down from 7 a.m PST to 3:30 p.m. PST Source: Sony Tweet

  • PSP Go Price Cut to $200 in the US

    The price of the latest incarnation of the PlayStation Portable, launched about a year ago, will be cut to $199 from $249 in the United States. Sony, which is set to report quarterly earnings on Friday, has sold about 61 million units of the various PSP models since the initial launch in 2004. This may […]

  • God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta Demo

    The PSP release God Of War: Ghost of Sparta demo will be available on Playstation Network today. The game is set to be released on November 2nd on PSP and PSPgo. Source: Sony Tweet

  • Sony’s Monster Hunter PSP with modified analog stick hits Japan in January

    Sony announced a new special edition PSP-3000 at the Tokyo Game Show. The newly refined PSP also ships with a slightly enhanced analog stick and beefier 2200mAh capacity battery. Look for it to ship on January 12th for ¥19,800 (about $232). Via Engadget Tweet