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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for iOS Review

Modern Combat 3 is the 3rd installment of the popular shooter on iOS.  Although this is the first of the series that I have played,

November 01, 2022
Gaming, Review


Apple Wins Patent on ‘Slide to Unlock’ iOS gesture

The US Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Apple a patent on the “Slide to Unlock” gesture used on iOS devices.  Wording in the document refers

October 25, 2022
Tech News


Audyssey Announces Lower East Side Audio Dock Air, Brings AirPlay

Audyssey took its high-end iOS audio wireless Wednesday through the Lower East Side Audio Dock Air.  The monolithic design borrows the same unusually bass-rich technology

October 19, 2022
Mobile, Tech News


Sprint Confirms Unlimited Data for iPhone 4S

Sprint will indeed offer unlimited data for the iPhone 4S, a spokesperson has confirmed.  Michelle Mermelstein states that the company is not altering its smartphone

October 06, 2022
Mobile, Tech News


EA Sports Introduces Madden 12: Club 100 Campaign

EA Sports, ESPN, and SportsNation are once again giving fans a chance for there voice to be heard.  At midnight, on August 22nd, fans will

August 17, 2022
Gaming, Tech News


iOS Google+ App Updated with iPad and iPod Touch Support

Google had finally updated their Google+ social networking app for iOS.  This update brings some “Performance and stability improvements” and support for the iPad and

August 08, 2022
Tablets, Tech News


Apple Releases iOS 4.3.5

Apple released iOS 4.3.5 not even a week after releasing 4.3.4.  The 4.2.10 update was also pushed out to those owners of the Verizon counterpart. 

July 26, 2022
Mobile, Tech News


Google+ Mobile Application Comparison: Android vs iOS

Matthew does a quick overview of the iOS Google+ application.  After weeks of waiting on an iOS application for Google+, it’s finally here.  Download Here. 

July 19, 2022


Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 3

Apple released their 3rd Beta for the new iOS5 operating system that is slated to come out as early as september. A full change is

July 11, 2022
Mobile, Tech News


Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 2

Apple has just released the second beta of their new OS. iOS 5 is possibly Apple’s biggest software change to date.  It features over 200

June 24, 2022
Tech News