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  • Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T Outed on Facebook

    The best Android phone since sliced bread is coming to AT&T and it will be called the Samsung Attain.  Even without a formal announcement from AT&T and Samsung, an international Samsung Facebook page released some information about an accessory dock for the Galaxy S II.  The Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T looks alot like […]

  • [Video] Uncharted 3 Beta in June

    Uncharted 2 was a phenomenal game plus it introduced multiplayer online play (I am actually playing it now). So you ask what else Naughty Dog can do to make this series better. Well we have that answered for you right here. First off the Beta will be available on June 28th for gamers who are Playstation […]

  • Facebook to Offer Movie Rentals

    Facebook is becoming more of a one stop shop everyday. Facebook will now offer Movie Rentals that will allow users to rent a movie for 48 hours for 3 bucks (30 Facebook Credits). Warner Bros. is the first up with The Dark Knight being available to watch if you like the Facebook page. They also […]

  • Harrison Ford Helps With Facebook Game

    The Star Wars and Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford has teamed with Conservation International and Talkie to produce a new Facebook game called Ecotopia. Ecotopia is a free game that allows gamers to build cities that promote green living. Harrison Ford stated “I see it as a great way to engage millions of people in […]

  • Oregon Trail Out on Facebook Today

    I remember being in elementary school and being able to go to the library an play Oregon Trail every time I got an A on my spelling test. Well Facebook will be bringing the classic back along with Carmen Sandiego. Blue Fang Games is the developer for both games. Oregon Trail will come on February […]

  • Leaked Image Shows Facebook Voice Calling

    Facebook could be testing a new feature on the site. According to Electronista the leaked image came from a user who briefly saw the link before refreshing the page. Take a look at the image, you will notice a call button alongside the current options on the site. Via DailyWH Tweet