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    Samsung Droid Charge (Verizon) vs Samsung Infuse 4G (AT&T) SpeedTest

    Samsung has released two devices both capable of 4G.  One is Verizon and one is AT&T. Decisions, Decisions.  Both have Super AMOLED Plus displays and Android 2.2.  Although, their designs are different, I wondered which would do better with 4G; Verizon or AT&T.  Check out the video for more. Tweet

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    Verizon Samsung Droid Charge Review

    Verizon’s first Droid branded LTE device is made by Samsung.  It also joins the HTC Thunderbolt in Verizon’s 4G LTE lineup of phones.  Priced at $299 it quickly becomes Verizon’s most expensive phone.  Don’t worry, Gadget University is here with a review to help you make a decision. Samsung found a lot of success with […]

  • Verizon Launches Samsung Droid Charge

    After weeks of rumor and leaked sales flyers, Verizon has officially launched the Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone known as the Samsung Droid Charge. It was shown off at CES in Las Vegas as the Samsung 4G LTE. A very creative name I might add. Later on it was branded a Droid phone and given the […]