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  • Dell 21.5-inch Multi-touch LCD Now Available

    Dell has made its new ST2220 21.5-inch Multi-touch LCD monitor available for sale at its online store. The monitor offers users a wide range of positions for varied styles of user interaction. It is also coated with an oleophobic protective layer that minimizes smudging so that users do not need to constantly wipe or clean […]

  • Dell Streak Receiving Gingerbread Port?

    Looks like XDA memeber playin4sheezy is working on a Gingerbread port for the Dell Streak.

  • LG Optimus One To Receive Gingerbread Soon?

    There you have it folks. LG is making some good moves with this one. Apparently all there LG Optimus One devices will be upgrading to Gingerbread soon. If they can do it, no other manufacturer has any excuse not to do to same. You hear that Dell?

  • Android 2.2 Coming to AT&T Dell Streak Mid Jan

    According to a leaked internal email, AT&T streaks should be expecting an OTA update to Android 2.2 around January 12th. Being that Dell said by the end of the year, and this email is dated Dec 7th. Most are questioning why Dell has not released another statement. Anyways, Looks like AT&T owners are going to […]

  • Dell Venue Pro Listed at $149, $499 Outright [Update] Available Now

    Dell’s entry into the Windows Phone Arena is a late one. The Venue listed is currently at 149.99 on with a ship date of 12/14. The price of $149 is with a new two year contract, or $499 if you want to buy outright. I never really understood Dell’s marketing. There doesn’t seem to […]

  • Update: Dell Streak Overclocked to 1.19GHZ Breaks 1900 Quadrant

    DJ_Steve from XDA-Developers has released another update to his already existing custom Froyo build for the dell streak. Prior to this build, I was only putting out 1300 Quadrant score. After flashing 2.2 v1.4 and overclocking the device to 1.19ghz, I saw HUGE gains.

  • Are Laptops Becoming Obsolete?

    Just recently I bought a pretty average laptop. It’s one of those really small acer machines. You know, the itty bitty ones. 1ghz processor with 1gb of RAM. Pretty decent for school work and browsing. I figured I would use it to surf the net while sitting at home, but not be cramped behind a computer desk.

  • Dell Streak: The Underrated Beast

    Where do we start…. The Dell Streak released to US a few months back sporting a 5″ Capacitive Gorrilla Glass display, and Android 1.6. Yea, I said it, 1.6. Dell has actually released two versions thusfar.

  • Froyo To Dell Streak In A Few Weeks

    Concerned about your Dell Streak having 1.6 for the rest of eternity? No need to fear, Froyo is here…soon. Rumor has it that a Dell company executive mentioned Froyo (2.2) being released in a few weeks. When the Dell Streak launched in August, Dell got a lot of criticism for launching a high-end smartphone with […]

  • HTC HD7 Accessory List for T-Mobile Surfaces

    The HD7 has surfaced again with a new leak from T-Mobile that has accessories for the HD7 set to hit stores on November 1. You obviously don’t have a need for accessories if you don’t have the device so it would stand to reason that the HTC HD7 itself would be surfacing the same day […]