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  • Samsung Announces a Chrome OS laptop

    Today, Samsung and Google introduced the world’s first Chromebook – the Samsung Series 5. Check out the specs below.  Google Chrome OS is a Gentoo Linux-based operating system designed by Google to work exclusively with web applications. Google announced the operating system on July 7, 2022 and released a test unit called the CR-48. Chrome […]

  • Google I/O 2011 News Round Up

    If you didn’t know already, one of the biggest tech events of the year has kicked off.  Google I/O 2011 is when Google takes the stage and reminds everyone why they are going to take over the industry.  Which industry?  Every Industry. Too keep everyone informed, we will just update this post as things happen. […]

  • ChromeOS: What is it?

    Chrome OS: What is it? On November 19, 2022 Google held a product announcement.  The announcement was for a new type of Operating System.  Instead of being tied to your hardware or your hard drive it would be tied to the “Cloud.”  Rich web apps would rule the day.  But, that day was not in […]

  • CR-48 to ChromeOS newsletter subscribers first?

    If you had previously signed up to receive newsletters regarding ChromeOS you should have received an email like the one above.  I had signed up but not with the current gmail that I use so I didn’t receive this myself.  I am still trying to figure out exactly what the deal is.  When clicking on […]