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  • Angry Birds Coming to the Chrome Web Store

    During the 2nd day of Google I/O,  Angry Birds was just announced for it’s biggest platform yet.  The freaking Internet. Worried about how fast it will be?  Does 60 Frames per second sound good?  Angry Birds is everywhere nowadays. Now you can play Angry Birds on your computer via the Chrome Web Store.  On top of […]

  • Google I/O 2011 News Round Up

    If you didn’t know already, one of the biggest tech events of the year has kicked off.  Google I/O 2011 is when Google takes the stage and reminds everyone why they are going to take over the industry.  Which industry?  Every Industry. Too keep everyone informed, we will just update this post as things happen. […]

  • Chrome OS: My Concern

    So many different operating systems, yet so many differences. For the most part, I’ve been shopping around for an OS for a secondary PC I have. Linux, Windows, or now, Chrome OS? That is my problem. What do I choose?

  • Google Chrome to Phone Connects Your Desktop to Your Android Device

    Chrome to Phone is Android’s cloud-to-device messaging.This allows the desktop Chrome browser send a webpage directly to your device wirelessly. Its actually pretty cool. For example, if you’re watching YouTube you can send the video to your phone effortlessly. Likewise goes for webpages.  It is only avilable for all users on Froyo and the source has been given to all […]

  • Flash Player 10.1 is Official

    Adobe has just released the production version of their latest flash player. The Android version should be out fairly soon too. iPhone owners, eat your heart out. Click read more for the new features Tweet

  • Google’s Android is the future for phones, tablets

    It is anticipated that Google’s Android could have 33% of the marketshare by 2015. This could be trouble for other mobile OS’ such has RIM’s Blackberry OS and even the new Windows Phone platform Victoria Fodale, a marketing research representative in scottsdale, AZ has this to write: “With more than 60,000 smartphones shipping per day, […]

  • Google Chrome OS Coming This Fall

    Google announced its new operating system last Novemeber and we have not heard much about it since. There has been limited beta handouts and extensive testing. Almost a year later (this fall), Google feels their new baby is ready for the world. The Chrome OS is based one the oper source of the Chrome browser. […]