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  • Resistance 3 Box Art Revealed

    This morning, via Twitter, Insomniac Games revealed the official box art for the upcoming Resistance 3.  The art for the cover was done by British artist Olly Moss.  If you look closely at the art above, you notice the New York City Skyline in the teeth of the skull.  For fans looking for Beta gameplay, […]

  • Resistance 3 Demo with Battle: LA BluRay

    On June 14th, the BluRay of the hit movie Battle: Los Angeles will release.  With the release of the BluRay, Resistance fans will get a taste of Resistance 3. Insomniac games will also be releasing a Beta version of the game later on this summer.  The demo version that will be included with Battle: Los […]

  • BluRay Pickup of The Week

    This weeks pickup of the week is the Todd Phillips (Hangover Director) comedy Due Date. Movie The movie itself is one of the funniest movies since the Hangover. It’s kind of ironic it’s the same director. I thought that Robert Downey Jr. was really good; he and Zach Galifianakis made a really good team on […]

  • BluRay Pickup of the Week

    This week’s BluRay pickup is the comedy action movie RED. Movie This was a movie I saw with my mom on one of our Friday night movie nights. My mom really enjoyed it because of the older actors like Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren. Red had a little of everything in it action, comedy, even […]

  • BluRay Pickup of the Week

    This week’s BluRay pickup of the week is the movie Takers. I’m trying a bit of a different format for pickup of the week so feel free to tell me what you think. Movie The movie itself was a fairly decent action movie. I’m not going to put it in the top Heist movies of […]

  • BluRay Pickup of the Week

    This weeks pickup of the week is the most inspiring movie of last year Social Network. This movie is 99.9% dialog so don’t look for a movie with explosions or action. However the dialog is so intense an suspenseful it keeps you sucked in. David Fincher absolutely delivers. Best Buy offers this title for 24.99 […]

  • BluRay Pickup of the Week

    The first BluRay Pickup of the week for the year is Robert Rodriguez’s Machete. The movie itself is really good, full of action, explosions, and also Jessica Alba. The video starts off shot like the Grindhouse movies but after about 10 minutes it switches to a beautiful high definition picture. The sound was really good although it didn’t use […]

  • Disney’s 2011 3D Push

    In 2011 Disney is making a huge push to 3D Home Entertainment. The plan is for Disney to release at least 15 titles in 3D in 2011. The movies will be packed with a 2D version of the movie. Some of the titles that will be released are Tangled, Tron: Legacy, The Lion King, and […]

  • BluRay Pickup of the Week

    This weeks pickup is Angelina Jolie’s “Salt” and seeing that this is the week of Christmas this will be a great last minute present or even a secret Santa.

  • Avatar 3D BluRay Exclusive till 2012

    Panasonic announced that they will keep the Avatar 3D BluRay exclusive until 2012. Customers get James Cameron’s 3D masterpiece Avatar when they buy a Panasonic 3D TV & BluRay. The 3D BluRay is going for 150 and higher on ebay. Source: Home Theater Tweet