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Nightwing Coming to Arkham City

I haven’t bought Batman: Arkham City yet, but after seeing this Nightwing DLC im going to have to.  Dick Grayson, AKA Nightwing, will be a

October 27, 2022
Gaming, Tech News


Batman: Arkham City Sales 2 Million

The gaming market has been said to be down, but Batman: Arkham City proves differently.  Batman: Arkham City released on October 18th for Playstation 3

October 25, 2022


Pioneer SE-A1000 Stereo Headphones Review

Flying is one of my favorite things to do.  I don’t like the electronics dead time at the beginning of a flight.  When I got

September 27, 2022
Review, Tech News


Arkham Asylum to come with Arkham City at Walmart

WalMart has a pre-order bonus on their website for Arkham City.  When you pre-order Arkham City at WalMart, you will receive Arkham City, Arkham Asylum

September 23, 2022
Tech News


Mr. Freeze Arkham City Trailer

Next to Uncharted 3 and FIFA 12, Batman: Arkham City is probably my most anticipated game of the year.  Today, the Mr. Freeze trailer popped

August 15, 2022
Gaming, Tech News

Batman: Arkham City Collectors Edition Announced

Today, Warner Bros. officially announced the Arkham City Collectors Edition for 99.99.  After being rumored yesterday by multiple sites they released the full details of

July 19, 2022
Gaming, Tech News


Arkham City: Riddler Trailer

Batman: Arkham City is building up to be one of the highly anticipated games of 2011.  Today, I ran across a trailer for The Riddler

July 11, 2022


Robin’s New Arkham City Look Explained

A couple of weeks ago, Best Buy released a free Robin character with the preorder of Arkham City.  Fans were curious about the new look

July 07, 2022
Gaming, Tech News


Batman: Arkham City 12 Minutes of Gameplay

Batman: Arkham City cover art was revealed earlier this week.  Today, we have come across a video that Ve3troGamesMedia has posted.  The video shows some

July 01, 2022


Arkham City Cover Revealed

Today, Warner Bros. revealed the cover art for the upcoming Arkham City.  Arkham City is scheduled for a October 18th release date.

June 29, 2022
Gaming, Tech News