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    Mozilla Firefox for Android App Review

    The Pros outweigh the Cons when it comes to Mozilla Firefox.  While it packs many features, the lack of flash may turn off some users.  It has a nice minimalist interface that is definitely more useful than the stock browser experience. Gestures, like swiping to the right, reveals a vertical panel with all the open […]

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    HTC Doubleshot Rom Hands-On

    This is a WIP (work in progress) rom by r2DoesInc on XDA. It currently does not support data and not everything works.  I installed it on my phone so you wouldn’t have to.  Check out what the HTC Doubleshot, aka Mytouch 4G Slide, will look like.  It has Android 2.3.3 and Sense 3.0 which features […]

  • Twitter acquires TweetDeck for $50 million

    This just in, Twitter has aquired Tweetdeck!  This comes shortly after Twitter announced their campaign to streamline the “user experience” across all platforms.  According to Techcrunch, the transaction will be announced in the next few days.  The $40 million – $50 million purchase price includes both cash and Twitter stock. This purchase comes in a […]

  • Samsung Infuse 4G Announcement May 5?

    AT&T and Samsung just sent out invitations to a special NYC event on May 5th.  The only thing that comes to mind is the Infuse 4G.  We haven’t heard much about the Infuse 4G since it was announced at CES.  It was present at the event, but only behind glass.  And the few people who […]

  • HTC Evo 3D Available Through Secret Preorder Tomorrow

      Android Central was just sent an internal of Best Buy’s plan to offer the HTC EVO 3D on preorder starting May 2nd. The funny part about this memo is that they knew that this document was going to leak, especially to blog sites.  It further mentions to the BB employees that they are to NOT […]

  • Motorola Droid 3 Spotted Again

    The original Droid is probably one of the most popular Android phones to date. The successor, the Droid 2, left users unsatified with marginal upgrades like a better keyboard and a newer process. Although it is still unconfirmed as a “real” device from Motorola, the Droid 3 has been spotted on the web from time […]

  • Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi Coming to Sprint May 8th for $600

    Maybe an “I told you so” would be appropriate but I guess I will let you guys slide. Sprint has officially announced that the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi is really coming to Sprint May 8th for $600. We already reviewed the 3G/Wifi version for Verizon. You can check it out here. First Tablet Built on Android […]

  • Apple’s Music Cloud Finished Before Google’s?

    Everyone and their Mother has reported today the shocking news that Apple has reportedly finished their cloud based music storage system. This comes as a shock because little was known that Apple was working on such a project. This service would let iTunes users store music online to stream it back as long as they […]

  • Verizon Launches Samsung Droid Charge

    After weeks of rumor and leaked sales flyers, Verizon has officially launched the Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone known as the Samsung Droid Charge. It was shown off at CES in Las Vegas as the Samsung 4G LTE. A very creative name I might add. Later on it was branded a Droid phone and given the […]

  • HTC Announces their “Sensation”, No It’s Not Massage Oil

    HTC announced their latest sensation today which will actually called the Sensation. It is basically be a European version of the HTC Pyramid. The design reminds me ALOT of the Google Nexus One. IMHO it was the sexiest phone ever made. This one is no different. The HTC Pyramid is expected to launch soon on […]