T-Mobile Rolling out myTouch 4G Update?


I just turned my phone on after letting it get a full charge (battery training) and I see that T-Mobile is currently pushing a firmware update to the device. Check out the images after the break. If you have a myTouch 4G with different software specifications let us know! I did have some spotty 3G coverage in my area, but I was in a building all day. We’ll see if this brings a new baseband or any changes to the myTouch software.

Update: Just got off the phone  with T-Mobile and currently the myTouch 4Gs should shipped with Software Number 1.14. T-Mobile is now pushing version 1.17. According to the change log, the update should be improving video and voice calling and overall battery life.

Update: I just got done updating. I did get the new 1.17  version. screens below


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