Social Media Giants Facebook and Twitter Set To Meet UK Government

Written by Roly   //

August 23, 2022   //



If you are reading this, then it is assumed you’ve had some notion of the news circulating in the past weeks of the heated riots in  London and its outer lying municipalities. The power of the human voice, specifically its words and its influence can demand utmost attention, and with the surge of social media, that power has amplified.

So, where does all the rioting and its aftermath fall under the social mediasphere?  Well, for one, it was an outlet for many people caught within the mayhem to give the world an unaltered view of the situation sans mainstream media.  Now, the UK Government has set a date for this Thursday in their courts, requesting the appearance of several social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, alongside RIM (makers of the ever-popular Blackberry Messenger.)  While the reasoning has been unclear as to their respective summons, there is speculation that many of the rioters causing all the anti-government sentiment and chaos, were using these quick messaging mediums to organize said riots within England.

There has yet to be any official statements released by the UK Government, but the speculation of most seems correct as to the reasons why, and how the government will do anything about it, remains to be seen.  Hopefully, censorship is not a by-product of the hearings.








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