Six Trends for New Graduates in IT Profession

Software is a series of stored data and instructions that tell a computer how to perform a certain task. There are different kinds of software, such as computer software, web software and operating software. This is a less formalized description, however. Rather than being classified by type and function, software is classified by how it works.

Software as we know it today was developed in the late 1960’s through the use of what was known as the ‘software engineering’ process. Software development is part of software engineering, a branch of computer science that studies how computers work and how they can be better designed and built. Software as we know it today is generally used for helping people within a business to get the job done. There are many software development companies which focus on developing new software for businesses of all sizes. These companies also help train future software developers.

Application software is computer software used specifically to run applications. There are many varieties of this type of software, including Office Suite, Windows, Office Mobile, Windows CE, Java, ActiveX, Flash, Shockwave and many others. This kind of computer software helps businesses to create and manage their information technology systems, including email servers, networks, billing, supply chains, procurement, point-of-sale systems, medical devices and other systems. Application software can be complex and need to be programmed by professional programmers, or it can be fairly simple and require less supervision.

A Graphical user interface, or GUI, is what makes computer software interface so easy to use for a typical user. The advantage of a GUI is that it allows a user to manipulate a program or application without having to know any programming or graphic programming. Typically, a graphical user interface has many different windows with icons, menus, and toolbars. You get software that supports multiple windows at the same time. For example, you can open a Word document in Word, view some data in Excel, and then manipulate the data in PowerPoint all from the same application software.

Software engineering is the process of software development, which is involved in creating new software products. Software engineering involves the creative aspects of product creation like conceptualizing, designing, testing, implementing, and maintaining the software product. One can specialize in software engineering, where you can work on software products for manufacturing, gaming, digital media, education, healthcare, enterprise, and finance. With specialization in software engineering, you can be involved in every area of computer technology.

In terms of salary, software engineering professionals tend to earn more than the average engineer. Software engineering jobs are challenging because there is greater scope of creativity compared to other IT positions. However, with proper training and experience, software engineering can lead to a lucrative career. It is ideal for graduates who want to be involved in developing software products for the business.

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