Simplism GABAN Style Hard Cover for iPad Review

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Simplism is a #1 Japanese brand that designs and develops Apple accessories and peripherals that are just….you guest it…simple. Their goal is to create products that are as simple as possible and still bring something unique to the industry. After all, accessories are supposed to be just that. They are supposed to enhance the value of the product not hinder it. Unlike most “made from japan” products, Simplism do not create cheap products. They have found an uncommon harmony between price and quality.

Simplism has a pretty unique Crystal drawing board style cover for iPad. It’s called the Crysal GABAN Set. The GABAN Set is an impact resistance polycarbonate cover that attaches to the back of the 1st Gen iPad. The case “simply” protects the back of the iPad from dust and scratch without sacrificing bulk or convience. All ports are accessible and you almost forget its even there.

Along the sides of the GABAN there are 4 strap holes where carabiners can hook in. This allows you to put the iPad over your neck/should for transport and easy operation. I can see a huge commercial use for having a case with carabiners. Even the artist who can’t leave home without a sketchbook.

I have been using this case for over a week and I am very surprised at how convenient the straps are. No more lap drops of the iPad =D. The included items are a plus. Most manufacturers just give you the case and thats it. The Simpilism GABAN Style Hard Cover for iPad retails for 34.99.

As a bonus, there are rods included with the case. This allows you to place the iPad in various positions for easy viewing or use. Gallery Below.


Simplism Crystal GABAN Set for iPad x1

Shoulder strap with carabiners (67~126 cm)

Display Protector Film x1

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth ×1

Leveler ×1

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