Shell/Holster Combo for Droid Charge Review

Written by Matthew   //

August 25, 2022   //



It always takes me a while before I settle into a case for my gadgets.  Over the years, I have realized how important having good protection for your phone can be.  Verizon sales a Shell/Holster Combo for a lot of it’s devices for around $29.99.  I believe you can even get it in a combination with 3 anti glare screen protectors and a vehicle charger for $49.99. Anywho, after using the Shell/Holster Combo for the Droid 3, I decided to pick one up for my Samsung Droid Charge.  The Droid Charge/Holster Combo has a rubberized swivel holster with a rear cover shell that can flip out to a kickstand. Your only other option would be an Otterbox Defender case.  However, the bulk and $49.99 for the case and holster alone, is a bit high.  Check out the video review below.  Be sure to check it out in HD.





Shell/Holster Combo


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