SGP iPhone 4S Skin Guard Set Series Review


After picking up my iPhone 4S on launch day, I immediately scoured the web for the best cases known to man. Then it hit me. The iPhone is beautiful; Why put a case on it to cover it up? Since I have carrier insurance on my iPhone, I decided to rock my phone naked this time around. There comes an extra set of cautionary measures when you rock and iPhone in a birthday suit. Normal wear and tear and even the occasional drop could be a problem. I am become very picky about my gadgets and I quickly needed something to protect the front and back.

SGP sells a skin guard set for $17.99. It’s priced a little more than your average gel or silicone case but it’s really meant for those iPhone purists out there. The SGP skin comes with a Steinheil LCP protector which is one of the best in the business. If you need a little more protection you can even rock the skin guard with the Apple Bumper case.

The SGP skin guard is made from 3M adhesive and can easily be removed and reapplied. It also comes in Brown Leather, Carbon, Deep Black Leather, Cube, White Leather, Metal Camagon and Wood Camagon. I chose to get the white. As you can see, the white on white looks perfect. The texture of the white leather adds a tad of thickness to the phones that makes it much easier to hold. Check out the gallery below


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