About Us


Launched in May 2010, Gadget University was created by Matthew Gissentanna as a learning nexus for anything tech. Many news and blog sites out there fail to appeal to the masses with “geek speak.” Gadget University brings the latest news, analysis and information on the latest technology, quick and straight to the point.

The Team

Matthew Gissentanna (matthew [AT] gadgetu.net)

Founder / Editor In Chief / Web Site Manager

A self proclaimed technology enthusiast and Editor in Chief of Gadget University. Matthew is always on top of the latest news about tech. Unbiased reviews and opinions, this guy will give it to you straight. Follow him on Twitter @gadgetu_matt

Devin Derrickson (devin [AT] gadgetu.net)

Associate Editor / Web Site Manager

Devin Derrickson has been a gadget enthusiast since the day he was born. Most of his time is spent trying to break something, fixing it, and re-breaking it again. Follow: @gadgetu_devin

Marcus Hemmingway (marcus [AT] gadgetu.net)

Associate Writer

I’m a very versatile individual. I like to play games, watch all genres of movies, listen to all music and I love sports. Sports and women are my first love. Be sure to check out the BluRay pickup of the week every Wednesday. Follow me @gadgetu_mars

Christopher Bennett (chris [AT] gadgetu.net)

Associate Writer

Christopher Bennett is the GadgetU Android Fanboy. Be sure to check out I.M.H.O every Wednesday and Random (Cr)App of the week every Thursday. Follow him on twitter @gadgetu_chris.

Cameron Wright

Associate Writer

My background begins with writing. I wrote from age 12 – 27 daily. Next came my love for computers and tech. This has now morphed into a love of Mobile (primarily Android) but all tech fills me with joy. I am also a volunteer with the Southeastern Pa Chapter of the Red Cross. A dad to be, with a beautiful fiancee. Follow @gadgetu_cam