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  1. Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T Outed on Facebook

    The best Android phone since sliced bread is coming to AT&T and it will be called the Samsung Attain.  Even without a formal announcement from AT&T and Samsung, an international Samsung Facebook page released some information about an accessory dock for the Galaxy S II.  The Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T looks alot like […]

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    Samsung Droid Charge (Verizon) vs Samsung Infuse 4G (AT&T) SpeedTest

    Samsung has released two devices both capable of 4G.  One is Verizon and one is AT&T. Decisions, Decisions.  Both have Super AMOLED Plus displays and Android 2.2.  Although, their designs are different, I wondered which would do better with 4G; Verizon or AT&T.  Check out the video for more. Tweet

  3. AT&T Announces First Five LTE Markets

    Feeling a little envious of Verizon’s 4G LTE network?  AT&T has finally released more information about their new LTE network.  Announced, at CES, they gave everyone the generic timeframe of summer for when they would have LTE markets live.  The time is here and AT&T will be lighting up 5 markets with LTE.  Atlanta, Chicago, […]

  4. HTC Holiday Coming to AT&T, Laughs at HTC Lead

    We reported earlier today that AT&T is expected to get a 4.3 phone from HTC called the Lead.  As great as the phone is, it’s missing a front facing camera which is great for the new Google Talk video chat. 911Sniper has released some more information about the HTC Holiday.  This isn’t the first time […]

  5. Galaxy S II Coming to Verizon, Sprint & AT&T

    This information leaked this morning from a online retailer called Wireless Xcessories Group.  According to the information posted about a silicon cover, the cover is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S II.  It futher specifies the compatibility by naming three other variations of the Galaxy S II.  The Galaxy S II will be known as […]

  6. HTC Lead for AT&T: Flagship Android Coming To AT&T

    Leaks always come with a small amount of uncertainty.  However, 911Sniper hasn’t been wrong yet.  According to their information, AT&T is expected to get the best thing since the Atrix.  On paper, this is shaping up to be a hybrid between the HTC Evo and the HTC Sensation.  It’s only missing the front facing camera…cough […]

  7. Samsung Infuse 4G Launching on AT&T on May 15th for $199.99

      Samsung Infuse 4G: Android 2.2 Froyo 1.2GHZ Hummingbird Processor 4.5″ AMOLED Plus Screen 8mp rear camera 1.3mp front-facing camera This device is said to be the thinnest AT&T smartphone to date. Available May 15. $199 Biggest Yet Thinnest, Samsung Infuse™ 4G Debuts May 15 Exclusive Angry Birds Version to be Featured on the Nation’s […]

  8. White iPhone 4 Coming to Best Buy on Wednesday

    Boy Genius Report just received some spy shots of the Best Buy Inventory System. According to the picture, Verizon and AT&T versions of the iPhone 4 will be available in white. 16GB and 32GB versions will be an option; however, I wouldn’t expect to many 32GB models to be on hand. So after rumors and […]

  9. T-Mobile To Launch Two New Unlimited Plans

    Twitter set ablaze when AT&T announced that they would be purchasing T-Mobile. T-Mobile has reiterated several times that it will be business as usual until the merge is approved by the FCC. It looks like they are sticking to their word. T-Mobile just confirmed two new unlimited plans that continue the carrier’s competitive pricing tradition. […]

  10. Acer Iconia Available For Pre-order at Best Buy for $450

    Acer’s Iconia A500 is now available for pre-order at Best Buy. At CES this year, We saw several Android tablets and while some may never make it to market, the Acer Iconia is set to be the 2nd Android Tablet available. It’s only competitor, the Motorola Xoom, is also sold at Best Buy. The specs […]