Rumor: Verizon iPhone in “AP” Test Phase, While iPhone 5 Is In “EVT” Phase

Written by Devin Derrickson   //

October 18, 2022   //



Verizon iPhone rumors have been around since the beginning, so naturally, I’m starting to find validity.


We have just received some new information about this new Verizon/iPhone thing. Evidently the 3.2 version of the iPhone 4 has just entered AP stage, which is actually the last stage right before mass production. The current model of the iPhone 4 is 3.1 so it is believed that the new version is either the Verizon version without the antennagate, or just the AT&T version without the Antennate. Obviously, most want both.

Whats interesting about the 3.2 version is the sim card slot. If Verizon is getting this model, I speculate, and hope, that its a CDMA/GSM/HSPA device capable of using both AT&T and Verizon. If it IS just the Verizon version, it would still make sense. They have an arse-load of global phones coming out anyways, right?

Oh I forgot, the iPhone 5 is said to be in its engineering verification test (EVT) phase. Exciting right?

What do you think?

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