Rugged Outdoor Headphones From Klipsch Go Where Others Can’t

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Klipsch Image S5i Rugged Headphones

This headphone, from Klipsch, tackles the question, “Using the IPod’s standard headphones while I work out in the gym is great, but what if it gets boring and I want to go outside?”

These new headphones have a moisture resistant controller with large buttons, select IPhone/IPod capability for music, and a 360 degree microphone for answering calls.  The ruggedized exterior controller is great for skiing, skateboarding, or just jogging around the block.  The case even has a strobe light for nighttime activities!

The best way to get these is online (129.99 MSRP) as Best Buy has been mostly miss for having Klipsch headphones in stock. I own the Klipsch S4 series headphones because Apples ‘it’s good enough’ mentality wasn’t when it came to their standard white headphones.


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