[ROM] GummyCharge for Droid Charge Review [Video]

Written by Matthew   //

August 24, 2022   //



Matthew reviews the Gummy Charged rom by Team GummyGummy Charge resembles a standard Android 2.3 rom almost down to it’s core.  Team Gummy consist of three individuals who have worked hard to bring you a download-worthy rom for your Droid Charge.  Make sure to watch in HD!


Primary Dev and project lead – Kejar31

Dev – syaoran12

Official Themer – gunnermike53


– Most all apps were built from source…. rather that decompiled and hacked apps via APKmanager!!!!! To do this I took the CM and Android source trees from Froyo and reworked the framework to allow apps to properly find resources after they were compiled.

– New Base built on top of EE4

– The only apps left from TW are Dialer, Contacts and Camera

– AppWidgetPicker – built byboombuler

– Latest Market included

– Black Gtalk – themed by me

– Ads blocked via hosts file -thanks to delta_foxtrot2

– 1% battery increments built in (Icons made by me)

– Themed Dialer, Contacts, Keyboard Task Manager by me to integrate into the stock GB look and feel

– All apps optimized and zip aligned

Check out the video and link below.





Droid Charge

gummy charged



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