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Able Planet is at it again with their True Fidelity SI250 headphones. With their super lightweight and top-notch material, they really keep up with the competition….yea I can see now this is started to sound a little cheesy. Right?

Let’s get to the point.

Are you looking for a replacement for those cheap ear buds that come with your MP3 player or phone? Maybe a set of ear buds that don’t slip off of your ears while doing jumping jacks or jogging? How about the ones with that ultra plastic clip that goes around your ears that, with time, begin to feel like someone is pulling your cartilage with a pair of pliers. If you are looking for that replacement, we had find them with the True Fidelity SI250 Sport Headphones.


The first thing I really like about the headphones are the rubber clips that go around your ear. One thing I can’t stand are the plastic ones that begin to hurt after about an hours use. The rubber clip itself comes with a few indentations for grip which really keep the headphones from sliding around on your ears while partaking in a an activity that requires lots of movement. I’ve actually tried a few pushup with these things on. I guess you can call that sufficient for testing.

The curvature of the ear buds themselves add for a nice, nature feel while wearing them. Consider these headphones as the ergonomic keyboard of the audio world.


I am not the king of sound, but one thing I can tell you, I’ve played songs I know over and over again just because of that one instrument I couldn’t hear with my cheap headphones. Able Planet did a very good job with the way they designed the sound production of these headphones. The sound is crisp, and makes you feel like you are in a bubble of pure sound with no outside interferences. Thanks to Able Planets noise suppression technology, a dog bark, or a train passing by couldn’t smoother the sound of some smooth jazz blasting into your ears.


In the age of electronic music, and uptempo beats, its important that you have a durable set of headphones that stick to your ears like piercings. Want to do some jumping around to The Prodigy while folding clothes? The True Fidelity SI250 headphones are the right buy. The sound is crisp, even at the highest volumes, and the noise suppression is unrivaled.

With a price point of $79.99, I wonder how Able Planet is able to squeeze that kind of quality into such small headphones, and not have a price well over 100 bucks. It doesn’t matter, just purchase and Hear The Difference!

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