Random (Cr)App of the week: A Tale of two counters…

Written by Christopher Bennett   //

November 4, 2022   //



Yes Ladies and Gents its that time of the week again.  I reached a little deeper this week into the mysterious void of the Android Market and pulled out two counters!  One tracks your nicotine consumption; the other your alchohol consumption.  So hold on tight its gonna get all kinds of crazy inside RCotW!


Up first we have a handy dandy smoking counter called Smoking Check. If you find yourself chain smoking at 2am this will let you know exactly how much nicotine your pumping into your veins! Not only does it let you know how much CO2 your sucking down it will also let you know how much each one of those cancer sticks is costing you! You can sit there and smoke and smoke and see your hard earned dollars run right down the toilet! It so much fun you’ll be coming back for more and more counting goodness. you might be enticed to smoke even more! I only have 2 real complaints. 1) The button you use to add a cigarette makes absolutely no graphical since. I think it’s supposed to be some ascii code made to look like someone smoking. 2) There is no way to display your high score! How the hell am I supposed to keep track if I am winning or losing this stupid game.

Excuse me while I grab a smoke before I bring you…the beer counter!

Before you have to ask…no I did not drink that much beer I was testing the voice counter…but I digress

Im trying to think LONG and hard about the countless nights I’ve spent in the bar just dreaming I had a way to know exactly how many beers I had and exactly how much it was costing me. Well today I can say that dream is no longer a fantasy its a reality! Grab a beer and hit a button and before you can say “one more lap dance” your well on your way to counting your intake!

Yeah if you can’t take the seeping amounts of satire here let me boil it down for you. Both of these completely pointless apps require one thing, your self control to whip out your phone, open an app, and hit a button. I guess if you like to see statistics about yourself these are for you but considering I usually am drinking and smoking at the same time I just dont have an extra hand to hit a button. If you do find yourself with time on your hand head on over to the Android Market and pick up Smoking Check and Beer Counter and give them a spin!

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