Verizon R2D2 Droid 2 Review

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Verizon has done it again. They put out a solid Droid 2 to begin with, but came back with an even better version. For all you Star Wars fans out there, say hello to the Droid 2: R2D2 Limited Edition. Made by Motorola, the 3.7” 480×854 WVGA falls right in between the high-end smartphone screen size, and comes out of the box with 2.2 (Froyo).


This is a very solid device. In terms of weight it’s a relatively light device at 5.96 ounces. I guess you can say it’s like a light brick if you know what I mean. Motorola has always stuck with their aluminum builds, and this device is no exception.

One thing I can really say I like about this limited edition unit is how the signature R2D2 design is kind of embossed into the phones backing. It’s not obvious by just looking at it, but upon feeling it, you can tell the difference between this and a flat surface. The Star Wars fans will really appreciate how much detail has been put into the new design.

The keyboard is pretty decent. I don’t really like the flat feel of it, but it’s not a deal-breaker. I assure you, with time, you can get used to it. After practicing my typing speed through text messages over the course of the day, I can say it’s really become second nature (of course, not while driving).

I am concerned about the chrome finish on the outside of the phone. Due to past experiences with other devices, I have seen that chrome begin to peel. Not saying it applies to this one, but its something I personally look out for.


Let’s move on to the most important part of the device. The Droid 2 comes out of the box with 2.2 wrapped in MotoBlur, Motorolas signature mobile shell. My personal preference is the stripped down version of Android, just the basic vanilla Android. I’ve heard of a lot of who enjoy the MotoBlur, so I say, to eachs own.

The device was definitely sluggish at times, but after removing most of the applications that came down after syncing, the 1ghz OMAP processor made it snappy as ever.

The browser wasn’t too bad as far as mobile sites go. I chose the more graphically intense sites just to test the overall performance of the browsing experience. Without flash installed, the phone worked fine. Once flash got installed, it took a little while for the browser to catch up.

Stay tuned for more exclusive reviews and hands-on.


Overall, the phone is a great phone. I believe Motorola chose a great way to expand beyond the original Droid. They didn’t change too much, but the changes they did make were definitely essential. They went from the 600mhz processor of the original Droid, to the 1ghz OMAP processor of the Droid 2, and I assure you, there is a huge difference.

The hardware is solid. I don’t even think dropping this phone could do any harm. Motorola stayed with their original aluminum build, and they haven’t gone wrong since. The chrome finish puts a nice touch on the device, but again, peeling is my only concern.

If you are a hardcore Android fan or developer, I’m sure you can make this phone what you want. Other than that, this phone is perfect for the casual users.


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