Procreate 1.6 Update Now Available in iTunes Store

The long awaited 1.6 update for the iPad painting app, Procreate and while the developers Savage Interactive have remained mum to the new updates until today, the enigmatic allure has made the wait worthwhile. The current feature set is great for users of the new iPad with Retina Display, but Savage Interactive has assured me that none of the features will make owners of the previous iPad feel inferior benefiting them as well.


The features included in Procreate 1.6 are as follows:

48-Bit Painting – allowing up to 65,000 colors per channel (other apps offer only 256 per color channel)

Glaze Brush – brush similar to those in Photoshop and one heavily requested feature

Mega Brush – the name is self explanatory, it lets brushes take up to ¼ of the canvas real estate when set to maximum. This could be keen for textured backgrounds being made in a few strokes.

Extremely detailed/ Retina-ready brushes – As stated on the SI website the brushes on Procreate 1.5 were created with two images (at maximum detail of 512 px) the current set is now composed of two 1028 px images, creating brushes with double the detail. This will translate well for charcoals which tend to leave many fine details in their artistic path.

Procreate Artery – one of the features I (and I’m sure thousands of other users) I’ve been clamoring for since I’ve begun using this app a few months back. The artery provides a wide selection of professional made brushes and effects to purchase.

Alongside these main features are new brushes of varying type (sketching, inking, painting, etc.), gallery organization now including grouping of artworks and other “behind the scenes” additions to improve overall functionality.

The team at Savage Interactive have constructed a fine update to their already stellar art app and focused on community first when creating the new details for the 1.6 update.


April 12 / 2012

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