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Pong For Hope is a charitable organization looking to raise money each year for a special cause. This year they have chosen the American Heart Association. Heart attacks and strokes are the 1st and 3rd causes of death in Americans. All donations from this year’s PONG for Hope will be going directly to the American Heart Association to help fund further research for treatment for heart disease, and to help raise awareness to help save lives.

This is not your ordinary charity. Participants play pong for every dollar donated. The rules are below


The Rules of PONG for Hope are simple, the more money donated, the longer we play.

Now, the formula we use so that we are not PONG-ing to the end of time is that for every hour paid for, the cost of the next hour goes up 30%. So say the first hour cost $1.00, the second hour would cost $1.30, and so on and so forth.

There must be at least one person playing PONG at all times. The players are allowed to go on bathroom breaks one at a time, they are allowed to eat and drink while they play, and they are allowed to interact with the viewers via the webcams we have setup in our PONG room.

Players will usually sit for 3 hour segments, unless they want to go longer!

If you are interested in donating. Make sure you check out the release info below and check out www.pongforhope.com. If you have a heart, Donate.

PONG for Hope: Beating Heart Disease One Point at a Time!

When: Starting February 18th, 2011

Where: Warrensburg, MO – http://www.pongforhope.com

Who: The Lifeblood Youthgroup of First Church of the Nazarene, Streamly.tv, AndroidSWAG.com and AndroidGuys.com.

The team behind PONGforHope.com is pleased to announce today that this year’s recipient of the money raised by the PONG for Hope effort will be the American Heart Association. Heart disease is the leading killer of people in the US. PONG for hope is looking to help beat heart disease, one point at a time.

In addition to announcing the recipient of the fundraising effort, PONGforHope.com is also very excited to announce an exciting partnership with the Android community.

Coming on as presenting hosts and sponsors, the following Android dedicated websites have pledged their support in the following ways:

Streamandroid.tv will be handling the production and broadcast of all of our video feeds, as well as bringing their entire crew and several of their show lineup to help with the effort. They will be broadcasting several shows LIVE to help bring attention to the event.

AndroidSWAG.com is supporting the event through giveaways, as well as bringing their entire staff to help with the effort. AndroidSWAG.com is also a “Launchpad Sponsor”, giving a donation to help get the event started.

AndroidGuys.com is supporting PONG for Hope through it’s live podcasts, as well as written coverage of the event. AndroidGuys.com is also a “Launchpad Sponsor”, giving a donation to get the event started.

Androidbeanie.com has committed to creating a one of a kind beanie to give away during the event.

What is PONG for Hope?

“Two players. One screen. Endless hours of mind numbing game play. All to raise money to help those in need.”

PONG for Hope is a fundraiser started by the Lifeblood Youth Group of First Church of the Nazarene in Warrensburg, MO as a way to creatively raise funds to help people in need. The teens of the youth group decided that selling items or doing bake sales were played out ideas. They wanted to do something wacky and creative, something that would reach a broad audience. Out of this desire, PONG for Hope was born.

Simply put, it is a marathon game of the classic Atari hit, PONG. Back in the day, PONG was the hottest game on the planet, but in this day and age of hi-tech game consoles for the home, PONG is one of the most boring games to play. The fact that playing PONG for long periods of time is torturous is the beauty of the PONG for Hope effort.

The idea that has made PONG for Hope successful in the past is that the event puts the donaters and viewers in the drivers seat. Using their donations, they directly effect the outcome of the effort. The more money that comes in, the longer that we have to PONG straight, 24 hours a day, without stopping. This creates a great relationship between the PONG team and the audience, making the whole event very fun to watch.

How to Get Involved/Help

Helping with PONG for Hope is simple, there are three main ways:

1. Become a “Launchpad Sponsor”. For $50 your company or site can become one of the twenty “Vanguard” supporters for the event. Our goal is to have $1000 in the bank when we start the event, paying for the first evening of PONG-ing. Each “Launchpad Sponsor” will have their company or site name on our site, and will get mentions throughout the event and on the live shows we will be broadcasting during PONG for Hope.

2. Donate items or services to give away on the air. We have seen that doing giveaways during the event help to raise the amount of funds that come in. We are looking for people to donate various items and services to “sweeten” the experience for our donaters.

3. Donate funds during the event. The beauty of our setup is that people can donate as little as $1 to the effort, and still make an impact. If you want to help the event by donating funds, simply go to our website at http://www.pongforhope.com and use the chip-in widget on the page.

For More Info or to Get Involved:

Contact the PONG for Hope coordinator, Ray Walters, at 660-864-0872 or [email protected]

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