Playstation Meeting 2011 (NGP Announcement)

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The 2011 Playstation Meeting, the President and Group CEO of Sony comes on stage with some new announcements. Keep reading as the meeting goes on.

1:20 The announcement of Playstation Suite which is an engine that will make playstation content available for Android smartphones and Tablets.

1:25 Sony is planning to launch PSN for Android Devices

1:28 The PSP2 is codenamed “NGP”

1:28 Playstation Suite is slated to be available within the next year.

1:32 NGP has dual analog, 5 inch OLED screen, 3G, GPS, front and rear touchpads, electronic compass,

1:34 Front and rear cameras will be on the NGP

1:35 Flash memory based

1:35 NGP will be released  Holidays 2011

1:38 NGP stands for Next Generation Portable

1:39 Games: Hot Shots Golf, KillZone, Reality Fighters, Yakuza 4, Little Big Planet, WipeOut, Resistance, and Uncharted

1:41 The analog is similar to the Dual shock controllers.

1:42 Gamers will be able to use touch controls to play

1:44 Rear touch panel gives real life feel to gaming

1:47 THe design for the new portable device is called the SUper OVal Design

1:48 The touchscreen can perform actions such as grab, trace, push, or pull

1:53 LiveArea is the user interface

1:54 Similar to the cross bar on PS3 Livearea lets you boot the game or boot PSN for DLC

1:55 You can communicate while in a game on livearea

1:56 NGP the first portable gaming system to connect with mobile networks

1:59 “Near” is a location based application on the NGP

2:01 Near shows where you have went in a town. similar to Foursquare. also shows what games people are playing in a specific place

2:02 The goal for Near is to bring the gaming world to the real world

2:06 NGP has sixaxis controls

2:07 Content developed on the Playstation Suite will also work with the NGP

2:08 PSP titles will be downloadable on NGP

2:29 It looks like developers have rendered alot of older games to run on the NGP but will be developing games to take full advantage of the new controls of the NGP

2:30 With the announcement of Suite an Playstation certified it looks like Sony is planning on hitting the mobile gaming market pretty hard.

2:34 Sony vision is similar to the Direct TV commercial where you can watch in every room but they want you to be able to play at home, work, grocery store, etc…

2:40 Call of Duty for NGP

2:43 Alot of Developers plan to work with the NGP

2:45 More informatin to come thank you for reading. This Marcus signing off.

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